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    Guide: How to View Hacking ---> Forum Rules ---> Posting Threads



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    Guide: How to View Hacking ---> Forum Rules ---> Posting Threads

    Post by Fighting-ShadowZ on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:03 am

    If you are new to the Fighting ShadowZ forum and would like to view and or write threads within the Hacking section, please create an account.
    If you are a Guest, you will not be granted any access to the Hacking section of this forum.


    -Do not spam messages.

    -Do not brag or boast.

    -Be nice, this is a noob friendly environment.

    -Do not post any unrelated threads within a Category.

    There is a standard two strike rule, any violations of the rules above will result in 1 strike, if a user gets 2 strikes they will automatically be banned from the Fighting-ShadowZ forum. Anyone who spams will receive a ban regardless of the 2 strike rule.

    Posting Threads:

    Threads on the Fighting-ShadowZ forum are monitored and may edited to ensure proper use of grammar or ensure the correct info is specified.
    Be sure to write your threads in the right category.


    exploits: Glitches within Games, software, web applications, operating systems, etc.

    operating systems: Any info or use of specific operating systems for hacking.

    Hardware: Info or tutorials on hardware such as; Computers, Usb Devices, Wireless Adapters, Monitors, Cameras, etc..

    Software: Info and or tutorials on software such as; Program languages, Applications for hacking, mobile apps, or anything software related.

    Scripts: Here you can post tutorials or pre-coded scripts for copy and paste use. Please give a description of your script and verify what
               Language you used along with any specific version or necessary detail involving your script.

    Data Dumps:

    When posting a dox or any personal info within the data dump section please specify why you are doing so and why you want this persons info to be publicly known.


    Here you can recruit members for a hacking team, coding team, or whatever you may need.


    Talk about anything and everything. Hacking, News, Politics, Morals. This section has no rules, here you can ask questions or have small talk. Have any suggestions to improve this forum? Post them here.


    Here you can post and share onion links


    We don't mind illegal sites but we will not tolerate onion sites involving any inhuman or Erotic content such as pornography or purposefully caused harm to another life form. (except trees)

    follow the rules and enjoy!

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